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Save Our Coast Tour

Flying over Louisiana's wetlands for over fifty years, we have witnessed the devastating loss of one of our greatest resources. Let us tell you our story of a once lush landscape made of thriving fresh, brackish and saltwater marshes and cypress swamps. Then, observe first hand what is left of our rapidly disappearing wetlands and see the efforts currently in place to preserve their existence.

Save Our Coast Tour

Tour Length: 1 Hour
Flight Time: 1 Hour
Prices: $300.00 per adult
Children: $60.00 per child
(ages 2-12 with two paying adults)
Minimum of 2 Adult passegners per tour
$200 per adult for groups of 3 or more


Reserve your tour by visiting our contact page. If, however, you require an urgent response please telephone us.

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Fax: (504) 394-8458

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