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Single Engine Seaplane Rating

Private and Commercial Single Engine Seaplane Ratings

We have flat rate packages for our Private or Commercial single engine seaplane ratings. This includes: all ground school preparation, 3 hours of flight instruction, hour rental of the aircraft for the checkride, and the DPE fee. The cost depends on the aircraft you choose to fly:

C172 Straight Float: $1,975

C185 Straight Float: $3,200

C206 Straight Float: $3,800

Flight Areas of Study:

  • Preflight inspection
  • Taxiing and sailing
  • Normal takeoffs and landings
  • Confined area takeoffs and landings
  • Glassy water takeoffs and landings
  • Rough water takeoffs and landings
  • Emergency descent, approach, and landing
  • Systems and equipment malfunctions
  • Seaplane Post-Landing Procedures

This course can be completed in 2 days. 

Picture of a pilot docking a seaplane.

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